Sunday, February 14, 2010

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First encounter with my Zoku....

Today is Valentine's day but my boyfriend and I have already exchanged our gifts... Cheating a little bit on this year rule (i.e., we were supposed to make our gift), he got me a Zoku.

If you do not know what a Zoku is, check out: . It's exclusively sold at Williams-Sonoma. For someone like me who like to cook/bake without being a chef, who is health-counscious without being obsess, this is perfect. You can make 3 ice pops in less than 10 minutes... then, you can make another batch, totaling 6 ice pops.

After leaving the Zoku for approximately 24 hours in the freezer, we have just made our first ice pops using the Zoku! I previously looked online for some recipes and randomly found a few posted by commentators but nothing appears right on target.... Of course, there are books but none are specifically dedicated to ice pops made with a Zoku.... So, the idea of this blog.

Our first ice pops were made using the following ingredients:
- Tropicana orange juice,
- Minute Maid Lemonade,
- Fresh squeeze Grapefruit juice from Dean & Deluca,
- Pomegranate juice from POM, and
- Heavy cream.

We made a total of 8 ice pops (2 were eaten as soon as they were we re-use the sticks immediately to make more ice pops...):
-1 ice pop using 100% of OJ,
-1 ice pop using 100% of grapefruit juice,
-1 ice pop using 100% of lemonade,
- 4 ice pop with 2 or 3 layers using the pomegranate juice, OJ, grapefruit juice and lemonade. Super easy to do! Just pour  the first juice half way (or one third of the way if you want to use 3 juice flavors). Wait until the juice freezes, then pour the other juice until the fill line (or two third and redo the operation another time). Wait until the second juice get frozen et voila!
-1 ice pop using OJ outside & heavy cream inside (BTW, it's again super easy to do! Pour the OJ until the fill line. You can actually see the juice becoming ice: it becomes more opaque. Once the outside layer looks thick enough, take a straw and suck the juice which has not yet become frozen. Then, pour the heavy cream until the fill line. Then just wait for the cream to freeze)

We store the ice pops in a Ziploc bag.... works perfectly.

Can't wait to make more!!!

To be continued....

Fran From France